The Things We Never Said

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In 1964, Maggie wakes to find herself in a mental asylum, with no idea who she is or how she got there. All she knows is that she must use all her strength in order to survive. Remnants of memories swirl in her mind – a familiar song, a storm, a moment of violence. Slowly, she begins to piece together the past and the events which brought her to this point.
In the present day, Jonathan is grieving after the loss of his father. A cold, distant man, he was not easy to love, but at least while he lived there was hope for reconciliation. Then a detective turns up on Jonathan’s doorstep to question him about crimes he believes Jonathan’s father may have committed long ago…
As the two stories interweave, the devastating truth long kept hidden must emerge, and both Maggie and Jonathan are forced to come to terms with the consequences of the shocking and tragic events of over forty years ago.

Praise for The Things We Never Said
‘Passionate, intriguing and beautifully written, The Things We Never Said deserves to stand on the
shelf next to Maggie O’Farrell’s books.
A powerful and talented new voice’
bestselling author of A Gathering Storm and A Place of

‘This is a staggeringly accomplished first novel, perfectly paced.  It sweeps you up from the very first page and doesn’t let you go until the end. The hauntingly nostalgic tale of the trauma of an unwanted pregnancy in the 60s, it has echoes of Lynn Reid Banks and Margaret Forster.  You could almost smell the boarding house and feel the cold of an unforgiving winter as aspiring actress Maggie faces up to some brutal choices that will affect her for the rest of her life.The ensuing trauma is entwined with a very modern tale of marriage, impending fatherhood and the perils of the workplace in twenty-first-century Britain.  The two stories dovetail to perfection. It’s both deeply moving and uplifting – an emotional rollercoaster. If you love Maggie O’Farrell, you will love this’

Veronica Henry, bestselling author of The Long Weekend
‘A brave and moving story about how much can be lost and what happens next. A compelling and impressive debut’

Alison Moore, author of the Booker-shortlisted The Lighthouse
‘Two intertwined stories explore a past filled with terror and grief, and a heart-breaking present, in writing as smooth and bittersweet as fine dark chocolate’

Jane Rogers, author of the Booker-longlisted The Testament of Jessie Lamb‘Tightly-woven and tender,
The Things We Never Said is a beautifully crafted story that
explores harsh family secrets with effortless clarity. A wonderful debut’

Isabel Ashdown, award-winning author of Glasshopper
‘I was swept along by Elliot Wright’s assured storytelling’

Katie Ward, author of Girl, Reading
‘Compelling and deeply moving … this is superb storytelling which transports the reader with ease between past and present, across a gulf of fifty years, while gradually revealing the connection between the two.

Jane Rusbridge, author of The Devil’s Music
‘I couldn’t put it down’

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